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Who is the class for? 

Hélène guides you with her creativity through a gentle Vinyasa flow. You may think that yoga is not for you? You need to let off steam. You may be neither slim nor flexible, or no longer young. You may not like wearing leggings. You may be unable to do the postures you see on the social networks. You may think you will feel ridiculous, etc. A lot of received ideas and limiting beliefs prevents us to try yoga! Testing it, is adopting it… Yoga is for you and for everyone else! You can wear whatever outfit in which you feel at ease. You work on your mobility and flexibility respecting your own body and its limits there and then. You breathe deeply, can surpass yourself without injury and relax your body and mind… Hélène's classes are accessible to all, beginners as well as those who have already practiced yoga before! One class will be in French and one class in English. All nationalities are welcome! 

What can you expect?

We move our bodies in a sequence of postures on our breath. We link each movement and posture with our breathing. Our moves are fluent like the flowing water. Our flow may be soft or livelier depending on the intention of the practice. The series of yoga poses we realize progressively prepares us to enter a specific posture in the flow. Then counter poses stretch our body in the other way for balance. Finally, the relaxation loosen up our body and brings peace of mind. Hélène truly believes that breathing is a magnificent treasure of all humankind to let go and focus on what we are doing here and now. She provides guidance for tuning your respiratory instrument, synchronizing your inhales and exhales on your movements. This continuous exercise helps us to give our best on the mat but also in life while listening to our body.


Vinyasa yoga with


Yoga does not leave me since I discovered its benefits on my body and mind in 2018. With a body drained of its energy and a restless mind after a long day of work as an engineer, this practice has been liberating. I released tensions and emotions of the day. I then felt full of energy and at peace with myself, embracing the present. I have been amazed by the result! 

After a number of classes, my personal yoga practice started. A kind of morning routine enabling me to gently waken my body, calm my mind and approach my day with trust and enthusiasm! I immediately wanted to share this incredible experience. I first exchanged on this transformation with others. And very soon, I wanted to understand why yoga made this change to myself.

This is how I followed a Vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2020 in order to deepen my knowledge and practice of yoga but also of myself. During this training, I rapidly realized that I also wished to transmit the power of yoga. Today, I would like to provide a caring and thoughtful guidance so that you live your own yoga experience. I want to offer you an invigorating yoga combining gentleness, breathing and intensity.

Practical information

Dates & Times

Monday 20.00 – 21.00 (door opens at 19.50) ENGLISH

Wednesday 7.45 - 8.45 (door opens at 7.35) ENGLISH

Thursday 18.30 - 19.30 (door opens at 18.20) ENGLISH


Reserve for classes via the contact form on

Or by email at



Collective classes:

  • Free trial class in September 2021

  • Trial class 10 €

  • Single class 15 €

  • 10-Class Card 120 €

Private classes:

  • Trial class 50 €

  • Single class 55 €

  • 10-Class Card 520 €


Payment can be made via bank transfer or in cash before the first class.

Wear comfortable clothing in which you can move freely and make sure you bring a warm vest/sweater and socks. In respect of Covid-19 regulations, kindly bring your own yoga mat, blanket and a towel or pillow case to cover the cushions with. An extra yoga mat and bolster will be provided by the studio. 1,5 meters distance will be maintained, and hygienic measures will be implemented in the studio. If you have a cold or in any other way could potentially pose a health risk to participants of the class, then please stay at home.

Please note: 
  • The yoga studio is on the top floor (4 stairs). There is unfortunately no elevator.

  • Yoga can be complementary to your treatment but can never replace medical care.

  • Please be on time: 10 minutes before class. We welcome you downstairs. 

  • There is no ‘buzzer’ to open the door downstairs from within the yoga studio. Therefore, please be on time otherwise you’ll, unfortunately, miss class.

  • Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have questions and/or if would like to receive further information.

looking forward to welcoming you!






Raamsteeg 2

2311PS Leiden

The Netherlands



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