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Who is the class for? 

Yin yoga can be done by everyone, and is especially interesting when you seek physical flexibility, stress relief and relaxation, and when you wish to slow down for a stronger body-mind connection and a better balance in life. Each class offers an inner journey during which you will be invited to listen to your body, respect your boundaries, and seek relaxation within. Alternative poses will be offered, if needed. Props, such as cushions and bolsters, will be available to offer gentle support and invite relaxation when holding the postures. Yin yoga complements more yang-oriented practices. The classes will be in Dutch and English.

What can you expect?

Each class starts with a meditation to invite you to turn your attention inward, followed by a series of sitting and lying yin yoga poses, and ending with savasana to relax and restore. The poses will be held for three to five minutes to stretch the connective tissues of the body, and to invite mindful presence by focusing on the breath and sensations in the body. Each class offers an inner journey along the meridians during which you will be invited to listen to your body, respect your boundaries, seek relaxation and rest in inner space. The groups will be small, with an eye for individual needs and support. 


yin yoga with


Since my early twenties, I have been practising various forms of yoga as a means to find a better balance in life. My first encounter with yin yoga, by chance, prompted me to sign up for a Yin Yoga Teacher Training at the Nieuwe Yoga School in Amsterdam in 2016, and I have ever since been teaching and deepening my knowledge and practice with different teachers in yin yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and meditation, including with Sarah Powers. I am currently taking part in her 500 hrs teacher training.  

Yin yoga offers a beautiful, inspiring practice to come home into your body and connect with yourself. The stretching of the connective tissues, the experience of relaxation, and the continuous invitation to turn inward to explore the inner landscape of sensations, thoughts and silence can be so nourishing, powerful and humbling that I would like to share this. In my classes I intend to create the environment for everyone to undertake his own inner journey.  I feel privileged to be able to do this in the historical space of the Sacred Trees Spiritual Studio. 

Practical information

Dates & Times:  29 September – 14 December 2020

Monday 17.00 – 18.10 (door opens 16.45 – 16.50)

Monday 18.30 – 19.40 (door opens 18.15- 18.20)


You can register by sending an email to There is no need to register for each individual class.  



  • Try out class € 10,00 

  • Single Class € 13,50

  • 5 Class Card € 60 (valid for 10 weeks)

  • 10 Class Card € 110 (valid for 12 weeks; with option to extend this card for € 11,00 per class until the end of 2020)”.

Payment can be made via bank transfer or in cash before the first class.

Wear comfortable clothing in which you can move freely and make sure you bring a warm vest/sweater and socks. In respect of Covid-19 regulations, kindly bring your own yoga mat, blanket and a towel or pillow case to cover the cushions with. An extra yoga mat, pillow, and bolster will be provided by the studio. 1,5 mtrs distance will be maintained, and hygienic measures will be implemented in the studio. If you have a cold or in any other way could potentially pose a health risk to participants of the class, then please stay at home.


One class will be in Dutch and one in English.

Please note: 
  • The yoga studio is on the top floor (4 stairs). There is unfortunately no elevator.

  • Yin yoga can be complementary to your treatment but can never replace medical care.

  • Please be on time: 15 minutes before class. We welcome you downstairs. 

  • There is no ‘buzzer’ to open the door downstairs from within the yoga studio. Therefore, please be on time otherwise you’ll, unfortunately, miss class.

  • Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have questions and/or if would like to receive further information.

looking forward to welcoming you!





Raamsteeg 2

2311PS Leiden

The Netherlands



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