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About us

Welcome to our Studio!

Rhys and I met in 2013 at the Arthur Findlay College in England, both looking for more spirituality in our life. While working on our intuition and mediumship during our classes, we fell in love. I'm from Leiden, the Netherlands and Rhys is from Brisbane, Australia, and we made it work! The next five years went by like a whirlwind, travelling all over the world for our sessions, workshops and events.


Fast forward 5 years later and we now have a little girl and want to settle down a bit. The moment we decided to move back to the Netherlands someone offered us this beautiful space across the street from our apartment, talk about synchronicity! It was much too big for just our own sessions and readings, so we invited some friends to give yoga classes and meditations. Ever since people have been contacting us to get involved, and we love it!

If you have a dream that needs a space... let us know, perhaps we can help each other!

Warm regards, 

Brisa & Rhys (and Avalon) 

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