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Sacred Trees Spiritual Studio

The Confident Medium Workshop with Rhys Wynn Davies

This group is open to anyone interested in spiritual meditation and exploring spiritual development for themselves on a regular basis. Meditation, Psychometry and development exercises are used to build your mediumship and psychic abilities.

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The Confident Medium Workshop with Rhys Wynn Davies

Time & Location

17 okt. 2020 13:30 – 17:30

Sacred Trees Spiritual Studio, Raamsteeg 2, Leiden, Netherlands

About The Event

About the Workshop:

  • Work beyond Rhys's 4P's to mediumship and a deeper connection with spirit;
  • Learn how to enhance your own unique psychic mediumship style working direct /indirectly being psychic and mediumistic during one to one readings and demonstrating;
  • Learn the do's and don'ts of presenting information from spirit using a variety of tools;
  • Learn how present professionally while giving one to one readings and demonstration work;
  • Do tailored individual platform exercises to enhance your own demonstration abilities;
  • Present your unique style on stage in front of a live audience and receive feedback.

COVID-19 precautions

We are facing challenging times like nothing we have seen before, so it’s natural to feel fear and panic. The true pillars in times of crisis are the connections we feel with others and with spirit. Our human connection is so important and so is our spiritual development in these times. We want to belong and partake in society, and that is difficult in times like these.

With everyone’s health and wellbeing in mind we want to update you with several precautionary measures that we’re taking:

- We will be reducing the maximum number of participants, following any official government advice, and will update you accordingly.

- You will be scanned for temperatures before entering workshop.

We will place the seats at least 1.5 metre apart for people attending any gathering to create a safer space for all involved.

- We will ventilate the space as much as we can.

Anyone attending my readings, public demonstrations, circles or workshops without discrimination will be expected and required to take seriously the following COVID-19 precautions:

- If you are vulnerable we advise you to stay home.

- I ask that anyone who feels they have been exposed to anyone with the virus or is feeling unwell, to stay home, and please email me as we can gladly arrange alternative options for you.

- Please wash your hands with soap as soon as you arrive or use sanitation on arrival and during toilet or afternoon tea breaks.

- We ask you cooperation with the following process: every person will be scanned with a remote thermometer (non-contact) to check if you have a fever. Anyone with a fever will not be permitted to the face to face reading or event;

- Refrain from hugging anyone at the event and avoid handshakes at all times.

Optional, wear a mask if you feel like it.

Date: Saturday the 17th of October 2020, from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm.


Rhys's workshop is located at the Sacred Trees Spiritual Studio (Old Naturalis Museum) Raamsteed 2, Leiden PS2311 . Call Rhys on 0636204808 for directions if needed. Meet at the Main entrance of front door to buidling.


$100 Aud which converts to approximately $60 Euros at check out, per person for the 4 hour workshop including coffee and tea. Go to this page to book your ticket.

This monthly workshop is open to anyone interested in spiritual meditation and exploring spiritual development for themselves on a regular basis. Meditation, Psychometry and development exercises are used to build your mediumship and psychic abilities.


Your mediumship abilities will unfold over time with practice and perseverance. If you have the opportunity, it is good to get regular classes and develop your strength and intent as medium. Rhys' courses are not for physical mediumship or people seeking physical phenomena.​​ Rhys can work with you with a combination of techniques and teaching methods, which will be employed depending on the length and focus of the workshop.


  • Learn the do's and don'ts of psychic work and mediumship
  • Distinguish the difference between being a psychic or a medium
  • Meditate and learn how to develop a spirit connection (atunement) with music
  • Learn techniques on how to do psychometry with a variety of items
  • Do extra sensory perception (ESP) exercises to learn how to trust your 6 senses
  • Do one on one and group readings and learn a variety of reading techniques 

If time permits and depending on the level of experience, Rhys can also teach these aspects of mediumship:

  • Be able to read the aura field psychically
  • Improve your referencing to get greater detail in your readings
  • Do remote viewing exercises to see details of places that you've never seen
  • Do individual and group platform exercises
  • Do class demonstrations and receive feedback to be a better psychic medium
  • Learn about healing
  • Understanding symbols in your readings
  • Understanding colours in your readings
  • Lear how to deliver and present on stage in front of an audience
  • Learn how to deliver a spiritual address
  • Developing your own mediumship style

The monthly workshop is open to anyone interested in spiritual meditation and or exploring spiritual development for themselves. The workshop starts with a 30 minute meditation with a variety of relaxing techniques to help you still the mind. Following the meditation we will commence spiritual development training where we experiment with techniques and exercises, such as flower readings, psychometry and platform to help increase your own psychic ability. The workshop will be in English.


5 Euro from your payment will go to the Sacred Trees Studio Forest Fund, that will plant a native tree on your behalf in Australia to help restore or create new forests for future generations to enjoy. ​Tea and something sweet will be provided during the break. 


Looking forward to seeing you!

Warm regards, 



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